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Lenny's Lake

Roach from Colney2

Lenny's, is only available to fish on the full Bawburgh Lakes permit.

This small shallow Lake is limited in swims and has a two rod 48hr stay and return limit.

It is stocked slightly more heavily than the larger lakes and produces carp to 39 lbs, tench to 8 lbs plus and pike to 31 lbs, plus a few quality roach and rudd.

Very weedy during the summer months the lake can some times produce its best fishing during the winter months as it is sheltered from the worst of the cold winds and the water temperatures rise enough on sunny days to encourage the fish to feed.

The River Yare

The River Yare at Bawburgh Fishery

To View more information on this intimate stretch of river follow the link HERE to our river fisheries section.

Small Lakes At Bawburgh

Small lakes at Bawburgh Fishery                                                                                               

Finger Pool

 Three lakes can be fished at Bawburgh on the Small lakes permit these being Finger Pool, Seamons Lake and the Works lake along with the 1.5 mile of the river Yare which runs through the fishery.

Finger pool and seamons lake were developed as pleasure fisherys and contain lots of silver fish smaller tench and breamand the odd carp.

The works lake has been used as our stock pond and so contains a large head of carp to mid doubles along with tench and many silver fish

There are also pike to over 20lb in Seamons and  the works lake.

The lakes have a two rod rule and a 48 hrs stay limit on them.

The permit price for the small lakes and river is £60 and no waiting list applies for application to these lakes however with all Bawburgh memberships you must be an NACA member before you can apply to join the fishery.

Download the Bawburgh Permit Application form by clicking HERE


Lodge Farm Lake

Lodge Farm Lake

Lodge Farm Lake the largest of the lakes at Bawburgh at around 29 acres is packed with features, with depths from 18 feet to 3 feet, and islands and bays, which certainly test an anglers water craft.

Lodge Farm Lake

The lake was stocked in 1999 with mirror carp from fishers Pond at around 4-5 lbs and has had introductions of 30 fish up to 17 lbs again in 1999 from various sources, plus another introduction of 20 fish from our stock ponds in autumn 2008 from 10 - 16 lbs, followed by 15 common carp from Dinton pastures in January 2009 all around 10 lbs.

The growth rates and quality of the fish has been impressive with several fish being caught over thirty in recent years along with two 40 lb fish, however the stock levels may have been affected by some major flooding in spring of 2007, although much work has been done by the management team to protect the fishery from such events occurring again with the addition of stock fencing and overflow pipes to reduce excessive prolonged water levels, the lake still has a good stocking levels and will continue to produce some very large fish, not only carp as pike of just under thirty was reported 2008 and others of twenty 27 lbs and 28lbs in 2009.

The Tench fishing is excellent on this lake with many smaller fish to keep an angler occupied however fish of 10 lbs plus are caught every season from this lake, and the lake produced the then British Record Bream of 18.09 to Kerry Walker in 2001.

A new swim was added in the spring 2009 which opens up an attractive area of water and allows better access for our members.

The lake can be accessed from several car parks with toilets in at least two of these the Horse field bank can be accessed but only by a long walk around the bottom of the lake and members must keep to the lakes edge at all times however this area of the lake can be productive in the spring as the carp move around the islands and bays.

Members are advised that the area around the Lodge and barns is strictly out of bounds at all times.

NACA Bawburgh Lakes Fishery

Satellite view of Bawburgh lakes

Foreword to Bawburgh Lakes:

The following pages relating to Bawburgh Lakes fishery are for reference and information only.

NACA manged Bawburgh Lakes for fifteen years from 1997 until its new owners Bawburgh Lakes Ltd took ownership of the site on 1st March 2012.

We wish the new owners every success for the future and have offered them our full support and hope to be working with them to continue to build on the conservation aspects of fishery management that NACA has employed on the site during its tenure.


Click here to link to the new owners website further links are also in the following pages all membership applications and correspondence must be made to Bawburgh Lakes Ltd as we will no longer be able to respond to you regarding these enquires.

NACA took on the site of 150 acres, much of which was barren in places with thousands of tons of gravel still stored on the site and much of the gravel extraction machinery still waiting to be cleared, very low density of fish stocks and access to the water impossible in many areas. This was a unique opportunity for NACA and one that I sadly believe the association will never be able repeat in Norfolk, with the support of Cemex we were able to build a fishery on clear conservation management ethics without the overriding pressures of a commercial fishery, the passion and thousands of volunteer man hours given by the management team to drive the success of this strategy is there for all to see and much to the envy of others. We unashamedly will continue to display these pages and promote our association with Bawburgh Lakes as we will leave this fishery with a great sense of pride knowing we have managed this site to the best of our abilities producing a haven for wildlife and aquatic species using the site to promote the environment and introducing many to the pleasures that angling can bring, as a fishery we have achieved national acclaim, Bawburgh lakes is undoubtedly the best fishery in Norfolk and for our members who have supported us who will have valuable memories of days spent fishing at Bawburgh, friendships made and photo albums full of personal best catches to remember for many years to come. NACA has as an organization left its mark in Norfolk and in Bawburgh Lakes we have left a legacy which we hope will be enjoyed by its new owners and Norfolk’s anglers well into the future.

Chris Oakley, Chairman Norfolk Anglers Conservation Association






NACA Bawburgh Lakes 1997-2012

Situated on the outskirts of Norwich this mature gravel pit fishery includes seven lakes and 1.5miles of the Upper River Yare. The three specimen lakes include Bawburgh Lake (20 acres) Colney Lake (28 acres) and Lodge Farm Lake (29 acres) stocked with carp to over 40lbs, pike over 30lbs, tench over 12lbs and bream to over 18lb.

Four smaller lakes cater for match and pleasure anglers and are well stocked with roach, rudd, carp, bream, perch and tench of various sizes. The river provides intimate fishing for chub roach and dace.

For better detail see the main Bawburgh Map with its zoom and interactive facilities.

Welcome to NACA/CEMEX Bawburgh Lakes Fishery. Norfolk Anglers Conservation Association (NACA) was founded in 1986 with the objective of protecting and conserving Norfolk’s fisheries. As part of this objective the association has taken on a small number of ambitious fishery projects around the county, one of which is managing the development of Bawburgh Lakes into a premier fishery on behalf of its owners CEMEX Ltd. Since opening the site for angling in October 1997 this fabulous fishery has enjoyed growing popularity with the structure of permits sold changing at various times with the objective of finding a balance between the income the fishery can provide and its sustainable conservation interests, without which the pike fishing in particular would be spoiled. During this time the emphasis of the fishery has shifted from providing day-ticket access to being run on a limited membership basis.

Provision of permits is available to NACA members only and includes Full Permits (valid March to March the following year, dates vary to allow maintenance work to be carried out) which allow the member to fish all the Lakes at the fishery, and a Small Lakes Permit valid for the same period which restricts the member to three smaller lakes and river. There is also a bird watching permit. All permits are competitively priced for this region with concessionary permits available for Children OAPs and Registered Disabled. Children under the age of 14 are free but must be accompanied by a responsible adult Full or Small Lakes member at all times. Three rods are allowed on the three big lakes for all species except pike fishing, which is restricted to two rods for conservation purposes.

Lodge Farm LakeAnyone wishing to fish for pike at the lakes will have to attend a pike handling and welfare day which is hosted by the PAC during the year. All the lakes are fishable throughout the year but areas are subject to closure at any time and the fishery will be closed to angling on the date of the Bawburgh Open Day. A lake will be closed to pike fishing in the winter; also the close season applies to the river.

The three largest lakes known as Bawburgh Lake, Lodge Farm Lake, and Colney Lake and also including Lenny's Lake have been developed as premier specimen fisheries and hold a number of species including carp to 40.12, tench 11.5, bream 18.15 and pike to 33.05.

Colney Lake produced the official UK rod-caught bream record in spring 2004, prior to which the record was held by a fish of 18.08 from Lodge Farm Lake, but all these lakes produce superb double figure tench and bream. Colney 1 Lake is also the home of "Kens Fish" claimed by many carp anglers to be one of the best looking fish in the region and always a sort after fish as it often holds a weight of around 40lbs

The main attraction of the fishery however is the carp fishing during the spring and summer months and pike fishing in the winter. As a carp fishery, Bawburgh Lakes is very much an up and coming venue, having been carefully and selectively stocked with this species since the fishery was opened and it is envisaged that it will eventually become one of the counties premier carp fisheries as the stock-fish grow into large specimens. Already a number of our stockfish have grown to well over 30 lbs. Various strains of carp have been introduced from the EA, Fishers pond, Dinton Pastures and we are looking to introduce some Horseshoe Lake fish shortly, this stocking regime has been carefully planned to give low density stocking from safely regulated providers, to ensure a blend of fish that are desirable to catch but also provides longevity to the fishery, we currently stock around thirty selected carp every year.

Lenny's Lake is a special venue and is fishable only on the full permit, and is stocked slightly more heavily than the bigger lakes with carp up to mid-thirties and good numbers of specimen tench to 8lb. Being too small to cope with intense angling pressure this lake has a 2-rod, 48-hour stay, 48-hour return limit.

Seamons LakeThe Small lakes permit allows the member fishing on the three smaller lakes, namely Seamon’s Pool, Finger Pool and the Works Lake. Stocked with good numbers of roach, Rudd, perch, bream, tench and carp, Seamon’s and Finger Lake produce superb mixed fishing with tench and bream to over 7-lb but with average sizes 3-6lb and a few carp, and pike to over 23lb. While holding all of the above species, the Works Lake has a larger number of carp with numerous double figure fish, and several fish now running to over twenty pounds, with multiple catches of fish in a day. Fishing is also available on the 1½-mile reach of the delightful upper River Yare running through the site. Some times difficult to fish as the river is left as natural as possible, Stocks include good numbers of specimen chub to well over 6-lb, roach, dace, perch and pike, along with low numbers of barbel 160 of which were stocked in 2001.

Some quality pike inhabit Bawburgh lakesPike fishing is popular through the winter months and the lakes enjoy a reputation of providing some the best gravel pit pike fishing in Norfolk. NACA enforce some of the strictest pike conservation measures and fishing rules in the country and will not tolerate any breaches in the aim of providing sustainable levels of large pristine fish and for this reason we can boast of five known 30lb plus fish at the fishery with many other large twenties and considerable doubles through out the whole fishery. Measures include two rods on all lakes, angler limits on selected waters, selected lake and area closures, and no live baits.

A bird watching/Walking permit was introduced to Bawburgh lakes in 2006 as the management team felt it was important to encourage the local community to share this important fishery and wildlife site. There is a wealth of wildlife and bird life to be found at the site, along with huge variety of insects, butterflies and moths. Permits are limited in numbers and run from March on a yearly basis.

The Bawburgh open day is held annually during the summer to encourage people of all ages to experience angling and to give an awareness of the environment. The Event is sponsored by the Environment Agency and supported by many local businesses. There are angling coaching sessions and demonstrations. (Please note the fishery is closed to angling on this day, members are informed of the date prior to the issue of permits). To view this page link HERE.

Access to the fishery is exclusively from its main front gate entrance on the New Road between Bowthorpe and Bawburgh and is secured by a large gate, which must be kept locked to provide security for the fishery, its members and their vehicles and fishing tackle.

PBirdwatching and walking permits are available too.rovision for car parking exists on several maintained car-parking areas around the site. These are shown on the map provided and parking is restricted to these areas only. The access tracks are regularly maintained, as are the footpaths that provide access to all parts of the fishery with the exception of the area adjacent to the farmhouse and the barns, which is out of bounds. Special parking concessions are available for disabled anglers by prior arrangement with the bailiffs. Also there is are three regularly cleaned toilet cabins situated around the fishery.

All members are invited to an annual members meeting which are very well attended and give the opportunity to discuss the management and future plans for the fishery.