NACA Campaigns

History of NACA - Campaigns

Over the years NACA has emerged as an influential force within Norfolk's conservation community. Besides its practical conservation work and its ongoing campaigning as a pressure group, NACA has taken a place on the consultative councils of various influential groups and authorities. These include the Broads Authority Forum, the Broads Angling Strategy Group, the Environment Agencies Wensum Fishery Action Plan, the Upper Thurne Working Group, etc. We have also taken up the role of being angling consultants for both Norfolk County Council and Norwich City Councils at various times.

By 1999 membership of the association stood at around 900 individuals and 22 affiliated angling clubs and societies. In turn the association is affiliated to Specialist Anglers Alliance, National Federation of Anglers, the National Association of Fisheries and Anglers Consultatives, the Salmon & Trout Association, the Wild Trout Trust and Anglers Conservation Association.

Other than campaigning over local issues as they arise, such as pollution incidents or applications for licenses to discharge effluents or abstract water, NACA have also undertaken numerous campaigns to support the conservation of Norfolk's waters. We have succeeded in getting Anglian Water to install phosphate strippers at it Sewage Treatment Works along the upper Wensum and have also succeeded in moving the authorities to take more positive action to protect the Upper Thurne Broads from environmental decline. This included getting the EA to install and operate salt food barriers at the Potter Heigham boat yards on the River Thurne. Over the years these have saved the lives of many thousands of roach over-wintering in the boatyards.