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This section is designed to catalogue the history of the work that has been done to date and any future work that will be taking place over the coming months and years. It is our intention to report on the successes and disappointments, should there be any as the river develops, following the work that has been done to this point in time.

S. Harpers 1st Wensum Double July 1977

S. Harpers 1st Wensum Double July 1977

We have set the site up to allow you to experience the changes and to provide a source information that may help others with development or restoration of similar river environments around the country!The Wensum is not an isolated river in this, there are likely to be others that have suffered similar neglect and abuse and in need of some tender loving care to get them back to an acceptable quality. Doing this will provide not just a source of good angling, but equally provide a habitat that will support the full spectrum of wildlife associated with such environments.

It goes without saying that this will extend to support for all the species of fish that such rivers would normally be expected contain, roach, dace, barbel, chub, perch, pike, minnows, brown trout and more! With this particular point in mind you will see how we have handled the development of fry refuges (ORSU's), that have been created to enhance the annual fry survival rates and boost recruitment season on season.

Please do take a full look at the site and if you have a deeper interest in doing something for your local river and can see a parallel with this project, then please down load the referenced articles we have provided, with their associated information and use these as a reference source in the development of any future programme of restoration you may consider undertaking.

Should you do this, please keep us informed of how you fare and if you have an interest in the CPP please do bookmark this page and return periodically to keep in touch with how our efforts are rewarded!

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