CPP Introduction

CPP-1-Introduction to the project

The river Wensum at Costessey, in need of restoration1.0 – Introduction

This design report follows on from the recommendations made by Windrush AEC in a scoping study of River Restoration Proposals in July 2001. It builds on and extends the findings and recommendations made in the study, it will not repeat information already contained within it. A copy of this report is included in appendix 3.

The Scoping study was submitted to Environment Agency Fisheries (EA), Conservation, Development Control and Flood Defence Functions. English Nature (EN), Norwich also received a copy.

Subsequent to this a site meeting was held with EA staff on 24th April 2002 to discuss the projects aims and objectives. After this meeting written feedback was obtained from Conservation, Flood Defence and Development Control representatives regarding design considerations to be built into the design, before submission of Land Drainage Consent / Appropriate Assessment. A further site meeting was held on 4th of March 2003 with EA & EN staff as a pre-application meeting.

This design report has bee funded in partnership with the Environment Agency – Fisheries, Recreation & Biodiversity Team, Ipswich.

Throughout the report, normal convention is followed with respect to bank identification, i.e. banks are designated Left Hand Bank (LHB) or Right Hand Bank (RHB) whilst looking downstream.

2.0 - Objectives of the Scheme

The over-arching aim of the Project is to restore river habitat and reverse the declining fortunes of the fishery.

This scheme is holistic and is designed to bring a wide ranging suite of benefits, to not only the fishery, but the wider ecological, conservation and cultural heritage status of the River Wensum Special Area of Conservation (cSAC)

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