Bit of History

History of Barbel Captures from the Costessey fishery.

Whilst there has never been any known, deliberate attempt to record the full history of the growth and details of all the barbel that have been caught in the Costessey stretch of the River Wensum, Steve Harper, one of the more successful anglers who led the way with the first double figure fish from the stretch, has kept a tally of fish caught by some of the anglers fishing the original syndicate.

Steve has kindly contributed the list detailed below and would, as much as the rest of the CPP Steering Committee, like to see a complete record list compiled. There is obviously an invitation in this for anyone having caught on or more of the Costessey barbel to submit a report to the CPP Committee to develop this list more comprehensively.

If you are one of those people or can guide the Committee to a captor of such fish, then please do contact us with such details as you may have and we will follow them up.

For now though these are the currently known captures and successive period record fish:

Costessey Barbel Records
  • 11.14 Stephen Harper 1977
  • 12.04 Arthur Clarke 1980
  • 12.12 Trevor West 1983
  • 13.02 Dave Plummer 1984
  • 13.06 Dave Plummer 1984
Some other big Costessey barbel after 1984
  • 12.12 J. Wilson 1984
  • 12.02 K. Gardner 1990
  • 12.12 S. Allen 1992
  • 13.04 M. Clouser 1993
  • 12.12 S. Earp 1994
  • 12.02 Brian Ward 1996
  • 12.14 S. Harper 1996
  • 14.01 J. Crameri 1998
  • 14.08 S. Hunt 1998
  • 14.14 Al Brown 1998
  • 14.06 J. Bedder 1999
  • 14.02 C. Turnbull 2002
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