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Important Notice NACA EGM

Important Notice to all members of Norfolk Anglers Conservation Association (NACA)

An Emergency General Meeting (EGM) was called for 30 November 2017 to which all existing members were invited.

The purpose of the EGM was to ensure NACA was being managed in line with its constitution and that the Association’s core objectives were being met.

34 members attended the EGM on 30 November 2017 and, following discussion regarding the future of the Association, the question was presented if it were still possible for the Association to meet its core objectives; the attending members voted unanimously ‘no’ and therefore in favour to dissolve the Association.

An executive committee was formed from the attending members with the mandate to dissolve the Association.

The executive committee will meet in early January 2018 to schedule a timetable to dissolve the Association, in accordance with its constitution. All members will receive a communication and be kept fully informed of the committee’s decisions and outcomes.

The Association is financially viable and therefore has no concerns regarding paying its debtors.

We do ask that any members who have a standing order to pay subscriptions for 2018 to please cancel them now; we can also assure any member who has paid subscriptions for 2018 that, once the committee has met and decided on a schedule to dissolve the Association, that they will be contacted with details on how to claim a full refund of their 2018 subscription. 

The executive committee expressed gratitude to all those who have historically worked so hard for NACA over the past thirty one years and achieved so much for what has been a remarkable organisation.

We accept that members may have questions or concerns regarding the decision to dissolve the Association and cease its activities but would respectfully ask that all members please give the newly formed executive committee a short period to collate all the relevant details needed to make a full statement to you regarding the next steps.

Current and Life members of NACA can apply for a copy of the EGM meeting notes, or make contact with the NACA Committee by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Many thanks.

Norfolk Anglers Conservation Association

17th Dec 2017