Sayers Meadow News

Gravel Jetting at Sayers



Pressure jetting debris from riffles in preparation for spawning.On March 17 2009 (St. Patrick’s Day – hopefully an auspicious omen!) the E.A. local Fisheries team began this years program of gravel jetting on the Wensum.

On Sayers Meadow, priority is being given to areas where the barbel have been seen spawning in the past, namely the side stream and the top riffle down on the meadow. A colossal amount of silt/sand etc is presently in the system, and jetting the spawning areas to remove it from the gravel is crucial if there is to be any chance of successful barbel spawning.

The team will move on to other sites at Costessey Point, Taverham, Attlebridge and Swanton Morley later.