Sayers Meadow News

Sayers News 03/08/09

The 'Beast' at Sayers Meadow

'The Beast' returned to the banks at Sayers Meadow fishery in july looking in fantastic condition, and with a weight of 18.11


Her captor on this occasion Tony Bidwell, fishery manager of the Square Meadow fishery which is part of the Sayers fisheries, was delighted with the achievement.

The beauty of this fish and its continued growth is a reflection on the policys of the fishery management and the care that our members take of there quarry and of the surrounding environment.

NACA is working in partnership with the Environment Agency to deliver the River Wensum Restoration Stratergy, and to continue stocking of Barbel in to the Wensum.

Sayer Fisheries is just one of NACA's managed fisheries for more information about this fishery or of the restoration work that has been carried out by NACA on this stretch of the Wensum please Click Here

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