Guide to Liming

NACA Information Sheets - Guide to Liming Still Waters

Applying hydrated lime to a lake using a boat with outboardApplication of hydrated lime has been shown to be beneficial to lakes and ponds where many years of accumulated leaf debris results in the 'locking in' of nutrients necessary for healthy aquatic plant life. Increasing the alkalinity of the pond soil releases these nutrients and the resultant plant life serves as an important food source for many invertebrates upon which fish feed.

Lime should be used at a rate of 200-750 kg/ha.(roughly equates to 200-750 lb/acre). Application to marginal areas by hand, or over larger areas from a boat using a shovel to ensure as even a distribution as possible in the late winter/early spring.

This process is NOT to be confused with the use of crushed limestone which is used in new, nutrient poor, sand and clay workings in order to 'kickstart' invertebrate populations by directly supplying calcium.